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Amenities Open Effective May 4, 2020
Dear Woodside Terrace Residents,

Effective, May 4, 2020 the Woodside Pool and Clubhouse will be open under the list of conditions below;

1) Social Distancing at least 6 ft between chairs and in the pool

2) Users will Self-Sanitize Chairs Pool Rails, Clubhouse Entry and Exit, Pool Gates, BBQ Grill, etc. – BEFORE AND AFTER USE.

3) Given the continued threat of the Corvid 19 Virus, Use of the Pool, and all WT Common Elements will be “AT YOUR OWN RISK AND PERIL”.

4) Woodside Terrace Condo Assn assumes no risk in opening these facilities.

Board of Directors
Woodside Terrace Condo Association

Sewer Drainage Care
Hello Woodside Terrace Residents:

With several new owners and many Snowbirds returning to WT in the next few weeks, it seems appropriate to remind everyone that all of our units share common sewer lines. (In the 2 Story, common drains are in the walls. In the Villas, a common drain runs the full width of the duplex, triplex or quad unit.)

Not long ago WT paid thousands to have all sewer lines video inspected, cleaned and repaired where necessary. Now they are all believed to be in good working condition, but it is important to remember they are 30+ years old. Double-flushing is advisable in many cases – more water helps to move waste through the system.

Please use care and caution with what you put down the drain. In the kitchen, DO NOT put grease, egg shells, coffee grounds, stringy vegetables, etc through your disposal. Any food that will not decompose should not be placed in the disposal. Always run lots of water when using the disposal.

DO NOT put paper towels, or wipes of any kind “flushable” or not down the drains – experience has taught that these do not break down and they do cause blockage. USE ONLY Scott Tissue or any other “septic system approved” toilet paper in the bathrooms.

If you experience a blockage, call Sunstate Management immediately. A plumber will be called to video inspect and clear the blockage. This is an Association expense, unless Wipes, Paper Towels or other contraband is discovered in which case the Owner may be charged for the drain cleaning.

Please caution Tenants and contractors regarding drain use.


Brian Rivenbark
Sunstate Management

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