This page news for Woodside Terrace Condominium Association, Inc. (Woodside).

SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE (Complete & return!!)

CLICK HERE for the Survey form. Please complete and send to SAM or put in the Clubhouse.

The GYM idea is getting traction, the 2019 Budget is being prepared now and your input is needed.

Comcast’s full-cable package including internet & HD is attractive to many and decisions there will also impact the Budget.


WHEN – each Tuesday, starting Tuesday, October 23rd

WHERE – by the pool at 6 pm – 8 ish (come early if you can help set up – bring stools from garage)

BRING – your beverages and an appetizer to share with up to 15 neighbors

WHO – all residents, and friends are invited

$$$$$$ – bring dollar bills to participate in the 50/50 drawing (in case you do not win the Power Ball!)

ALSO – if you wish to cook your own entree, please do. Feel free to use the Gas BBQ or the Clubhouse Kitchen.

AFTER – please help get trash into the dumpster, and the Tiki Bar stored along with the stools. Put clean bags in the trash cans.

INSIDE – dishes should be washed, sink cleaned and stuff put away. Take big trash can to the curb.

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